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My lots are for storytellers and taking pictures ONLY!!! They are not a Showtime Venue, unless you put the stage and make it that way. IT WILL NOT WORK AS A VENUE. Thanks for looking at my "Stages". I will make some with the stage, but not right now.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby Love Poses (Simprov Poses)

Requested by Dblondepimpette, Includes 3 adult poses and 1 child pose. These poses are very versitile, you can place just about any object with them, you can add other sims, even large dogs will work fine.
I hope you can use these to get some cute family photos!
Pose #1 – Laying on floor, arm wrapped around toddler.
Pose#2 – Sitting on floor, toddle in lap.
Pose #3 – Sitting, holding baby in the air. In order to get this pose working properly, you will need to follow these instructions:
You will need two adult sims, one doing the pose and one doing the in-game animation called “Toss in air” to the toddle. What you do is grab the child and place him in the arms of the adult using the sitting pose. You’ll also have to move the person tossing the toddler in the air behind the one in this pose so that the babies arms line up. Then using Nraas debugenabler, fade the sim that is doing the ”toss in air” action until they are invisible. Ta-Da! It now looks as though the baby is being held by the sitting parent.
(Thanks to Daijahvu for the help with this pose!)
Pose #4 – Child Only Pose – Laying on floor, head resting in hands.


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