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My lots are for storytellers and taking pictures ONLY!!! They are not a Showtime Venue, unless you put the stage and make it that way. IT WILL NOT WORK AS A VENUE. Thanks for looking at my "Stages". I will make some with the stage, but not right now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hold Me Poses (Simprov Poses)

Requested by 11Daisies, this pack contains two sets full of couple’s love. Two male poses and two female poses display love’s deepest root. Who say’s a smile is the only way to show how in love with someone you are?
I am absolutely in love with these poses, possibly because as the creator I have such emotion put into them. I just hope that you all find them as lovely and useful as I do!
I want to add too that with the second pose, the hand does not actually touch the face. It is quite a distance away to fit larger heads and hairstyles. You can also change the way that the pose looks smiply by moving the camera around. So I hope you have fun working with that one! The best way to line it up is to make sure the legs and back are not meshing into the man’s arms. It should fit as long as you have the woman up high enough.
Note: I have realized that there is already a pose pack named “Hold Me”, however, at the time of creation, I did not know this. So I do apologize to Spladoum for taking the name. I just thought that the name fit and was simple… just the way I like it.


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